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Chair, Freeman Bailey


Freeman is the Director of Woodford County Ambulance Service with 32 years of experience in this field.  He is also the Co-Founder and Vice-President of Kentucky Tactical EMS.  TEMS is a non-profit organization that trains police, fire, EMS and military personnel throughout the state in providing care while in high risk environments.  He is the Emergency Medical Director for the Bluegrass Region 5 Healthcare Coalition covering 17 counties.  He is also Chairperson for the Relay for Life in Woodford County.

Coordinator, Nancy Blackford

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Nancy retired from Fayette County Public Schools as a Bookkeeper/Account Specialist with 30+ years of professional experience.  She is the Founder and Co-Executive of Bridge the Gap Woodford Co.  Bridge the Gap is a local organization whose goal is to extend employment prospects to disadvantaged members of the Woodford County community by removing barriers sand expanding opportunities.  She is also a Retreat Coordinator and Life Coach Assistance for Soulful Life Design.

The Woodford County Agency for Substance Abuse Policy (ASAP) began in 2003 to address youth and adult substance prevention, enforcement, and treatment strategies within the community. Strategies enacted include messaging campaigns, special events, contests to encourage youth involvement, prescription drug disposal programs, and support of Woodford County's healthcare workers, physicians, and law enforcement personnel.


Woodford County ASAP Board Members

Freeman Bailey, ASAP Chair, Woodford County EMS Director

Nancy Blackford, ASAP Coordinator

Robin Miller, Vice-Chair, Woodford County Health Department Grants & Data Manager

Jasmine Hazelwood, Woodford County High School, Family Resource Coordinator

James Kay, Woodford County Judge Executive

Cassie Prather, Woodford County Health Department, Director

Alan George, Woodford County Attorney

Lisa Johnson, Mentors and Meals Executive Director

Shawn Freeman, New Vista Mental Health

Jill Hargiss, Woodford County Public Schools

Stephanie Raglin, Pastor, Emory UMC, Owner, Serenitee at its Best

Julie Snawder, Kentucky Department of Community Based Services

Rob Young, Versailles Police Department, Assistant Chief of Police

Johnny Wilhoit, Woodford County Sheriff's Department

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